9 Books I’m Planning To Read During The Fall Months ๐Ÿ‚

I always find it helpful to have a reading list to guide me through the season. So, each season I like to compile a list of books I’d like to read during those three months. Sometimes I’m able to get through all of the books on my list. Other times, I only get through most. Either way, It’s my way of keeping things simple, by not constantly trying to remember what I wanted to read during the season ๐Ÿ“š.

My fall reading list is comprised of books I’ve been meaning to read, and also some new releases. In no specific order, these are the 9 books on my Fall 2023 reading list:

Autumn in Sunset Harbour by CP Ward

The beautiful fall colors on the cover and the book’s description as an autumn-themed romantic comedy, are all it took to convince me to read this one. I’m looking forward to meeting Rachel Castle, who’s drawn back to her Cornish hometown following the death of her grandmother. Lots will go wrong for her there, but she’ll meet a fisherman who will turn her life around.

Publish date: November 3, 2022

*Update: See my book review here.

The Good Part by Sophie Cousens

Imagine being able to skip to the good part of your life, and bypassing the drudgery to get there. That’s what happens to Lucy Young, when she wakes up one morning to find herself in her forties, living the life she’d dreamed of! I enjoy time travel stories, and have high hopes for this story since I’ve been charmed by the author’s previous books.

Publish date: November 7, 2023

Other book I’ve enjoyed by this author:

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She's Up to No Good by Sara Goodman Confino

She’s Up to No Good by Sara Goodman Confino

An eccentric grandmother on a road trip with her adult granddaughter whose marriage has imploded. Their road trip destination is a seaside Massachusetts town. Based on that, and the fact that I’ve enjoyed other books by this author, I’m really looking forward to this one. I can’t wait to follow this grandmother/granddaughter duo as they learn about themselves and each other.

Publish date: August 1, 2022

Available on Kindle Unlimited with Audible narration.

Other books I’ve enjoyed by this author:

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The Burnout by Sophie Kinsella

Is there a Sophie Kinsella book I haven’t read? No! I really enjoy her writing style, witty characters, and humor.

In this latest book, Sasha is feeling burned out and heads to a seaside resort she loved as a child. When she arrives there things are as she’d expected, including the grumpy (and also burned out) man she meets there. When messages suddenly start appearing on the beach, their lives finally begin to change.

Publish date: October 10, 2023

The most recent books I’ve enjoyed by this author:

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The Measure by Nikki Erlick

Goodreads Choice Awards โ€“ Nominee for Best Science Fiction (2022) and Nominee for Best Debut Novel (2022)

When little boxes suddenly appear at each doorstep around the globe, chaos ensues throughout the world. Each box contains a string, and an inscription stating that it’s the measure of the recipient’s life. Knowing the answer to exactly the amount of days they have left to live brings upon many fears and changes no one had imagined. It’s unclear where the boxes came from, or what’s going on. What’s clear is that lives, relationships, and trust are forever changed.

Publish date: June 28, 2022

*Update: See my book review here.

The Last List of Mabel Beaumont by Laura Pearson

When Mabel’s husband died, he left her a list with only one item: “Find D”. She figures he likely wants her to find Dot, whom she hasn’t seen in more than sixty years? As she sets out to find her old friend, Mabel’s list gets longer each time she encounters a new person who needs her help in one way or another.

Publish date: August 4, 2023

Available on Kindle Unlimited.

*Update: See my book review here.

Juniper Bean Resorts to Murder by Gracie Ruth Mitchell

Juniper Bean aspires to be a romance writer. The problem is, she can’t seem to get there since she keeps killing off her characters. Accepting it’s time for a different genre, she enlists the help of her roommate (Aiden) to do some research. Suddenly, Juniper and Aiden find themselves in the middle of something they didn’t expect to find … a real murder mystery.

Publish date: March 29, 2023

Available on Kindle Unlimited.

*Update: See my book review here.

The Echo of Old Books by Barbara Davis

Ashlyn Greer can feel the echos of books’ previous owners. As a book dealer, she’s constantly surrounded by books. When she comes across two never published books, she finds herself following a decades-old mystery. Determined to solve the mystery, she follows the trail of a doomed lovers’ story.

Publish date: March 28, 2023

Available on Kindle Unlimited with Audible narration.

The Housemaid by Freida McFadden

The Housemaid (Book 1)

Goodreads Choice Award โ€“  Nominee for Best Mystery & Thriller (2022)

I’ve long wanted to read a book by this author, so I’ve decided to start with this one. I’m looking forward to the mystery and twists this story promises to deliver. Who is the housemaid? Why does she need a new start? Why are the Winchesters hiding? I’m intrigued by the plot line and can’t wait to finally read this book!

Publish date: April 26, 2022

Available on Kindle Unlimited.

*Update: See my book review here.

Have you read any of these books already?