Just Another Love Song book

Charming, uplifting, and heartwarming. I really enjoyed this story, even though it wasn’t quite what I’d expected. The reason is a typical it’s not you, it’s me situation though, and fortunately it worked out for the best because I quite enjoyed the storyline and setting ๐Ÿ˜Š.

I picked this book for two reasons:

  • I really liked Kerry Winfrey’s previous book, Very Sincerely Yours.
  • Based on the blurb and the cover, I felt this book had fall vibes.

Overall, this is a sweet story that takes place in a small town in Ohio. As it turns out, the story doesn’t take place during fall (Very Sincerely Yours does), but it takes place in late summer. Between the end of summer, the descriptions of the small town, and the town’s street fair … it still gave me fall vibes.

This is a romance story of the second chance trope, and I really enjoyed the storyline. Sandy and Hank were high school sweethearts, but haven’t seen each other for 15 years. Now that they’re both in Baileyville again, they have to figure out what the next step for them is. After all, in a town that small, there’s no chance they won’t come across each other regularly.

The small town of Baileyville was charming, with plenty of quirky characters and a close-knit community. The annual street fair is the biggest event of the year, and brings everyone together. I enjoyed the togetherness of the community and their continuous efforts to help each other and make life in Baileyville special.

Fans of the Gilmore Girls show, will recognize a lot of similarities in this story. The idyllic small town, quirky characters, and town hall meetings are reminiscent of the setting and community in that show.