A Very Punchable Face by Colin Jost
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

This memoir isn’t just a collection of jokes and funny anecdotes by Colin Jost. It’s an honest and emotional view at a variety of experiences that have made him who he is today. Part laugh-out funny, part emotional, and part shocking … this is a memoir that exceeded my expectations. If I was to condense my book review to one word, I’d say the book is impressive.

In this memoir, Jost takes us on a journey through his best, bad, and embarrassing experiences. From his childhood in Staten Island, to his high school experience, to college life at Harvard, and the grit and determination that landed him on SNL. Jost tells it like it is in this book, and clearly, he’s lived an interesting life.

For the most part, Jost delivers his stories with a dose of self-deprecation and sarcasm that make them entertaining and engaging. Some, like his many mishaps in everyday life or shenanigans with friends are hilarious. Others, like the amount of times he’s required stitches or taken ridiculous risks are shocking. Then, there’s the emotional chapter “Why I Love My Mom”, that is genuinely emotional. In that chapter, he tells about his mom’s experience as a medical doctor on 9/11.

Jost’s writing talent, comedic delivery, and positive outlook are truly showcased in this memoir. His general outlook, observations, and priorities are genuine and relatable. In that sense, his book reminded me a lot of Molly Shannon’s memoir (which I also loved).

I enjoy memoirs, and if they’re read by the authors themselves I always choose the audiobook. There’s just something about listening to the author tell their own story, that draws me to it. In this case, Jost reads the memoir himself, so there was no way I’d choose to read the book myself. In the audiobook, he mentions repeatedly that one should purchase the book to see the pictures he refers to. I didn’t purchase the book or look up the pictures he references. Instead, I simply enjoyed this book for what it is: a candid and impressive memoir.

I’d been wanting to read this memoir for a while, and am glad I finally got to it. If you haven’t read this book yet, I highly recommend the audiobook 😊.

Have your read this memoir?