The Best Worst Christmas by Kate Forster is a heartwarming story full of quirky characters and entertaining situations.

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My Overview

Lily relocated to Australia from England years ago, and has stayed away to avoid the past she’d left behind with Tom. He broke her heart when he dumped her, so she’s avoided going back home since. This year, Lily has decided to surprise her mom by showing up at her house so they can spend Christmas time together. Unfortunately, her hometown is in a village small enough that everyone knows everyone’s business, and Tom happens to be staying with his father for the holidays 😐. Could it get any worse? Yes, it can! Lily had no idea her mom and Tom’s dad are dating and living together. As if that’s now awkward enough, Lily and Tom will need to stay at his dad’s house for the holidays. What follows is an entertaining story of the closed proximity/second chance romance trope, full of Christmas cheer.

This story is funny, sentimental, and completely entertaining. From the quirky characters to the festive celebrations, this is a fun story I really enjoyed. It’s one that shows us sometimes the best worst Christmas, or a reindeer bite 😆, is all it takes to help you find where you belong.

My Recommendation

Looking for a festive and wacky story that’ll make you laugh? This is it. The audiobook duration is 4 hours and 29 minutes, so it’s a perfect novella for this busy holiday season 🎄.

I’ve listened to the audiobook twice, and highly recommend it. Last year, while browsing the Audible Plus catalog, I came across this book and was immediately drawn to it based on the title and blurb. I’d never read anything by Kate Forster, but ended liking the story a lot. So, even though I’d listened to the audiobook last year, I listened to it again this year. Fortunately, I liked it as much this second time around 😊.

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