Double Decker Dreams by Lindsay MacMillan
My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Double Decker Dreams by Lindsay MacMillan is a slow-burn romance story of the friends-to-lovers trope.

This book is part of My Summer 2023 Reading List.

My Overview

I was drawn to Double Decker Dreams based on the premise and setting. A romance story set in London, with a storyline based on a sighting of a man on a double decker bus? I couldn’t wait to read this story! Unfortunately, it wasn’t as fun and enjoyable as I’d hoped.

Kat is an American working in London as a consultant to an oil company. The project she’s working on will keep her in London for six months. During that period, she expects to be able to earn a promotion to partner. She’s also expects to fall in love with an English aristocrat. One morning, while eating breakfast in her kitchen, she spots a man (Rory) riding a double decker bus. Kat is immediately convinced he’s the one; the man of her dreams.

As it turns out, Rory rides the bus at the same time on weekdays. This means Kat is able to see him every morning, since the bus drives right past her apartment. When Kat finally musters up the courage to ride the same double decker bus as Rory, she’s in for a surprise.

I was intrigued by the premise of the story, but unfortunately it soon fizzled. Why?

  • Kat wasn’t a likable character. She was rude, bitter, and superficial.
  • Rory was likable, kind, and reasonable. The way Kat treated him was sad.
  • The story was drawn-out, repetitive, and saturated with platitudes.

Despite all that, the ending of the story turned it around for me. The only reason I stuck with this story, is because I kept waiting for something positive to happen. I like that Kat experienced some growth by the end. The epilogue was much appreciated.

My Overview

Overall, this wasn’t the fun and enjoyable romance story, I’d expected. It’s my first book by this author, so perhaps I had the wrong expectations. I enjoy trying out different authors, and I’m still glad I tried this one. Keep that in mind, as I don’t want to discourage anyone from giving this story a try.

Have you read this book?