No Hiding in Boise by Kim Hooper

Raw. Honest. Impactful.

This is my first book by Kim Hooper, and I’m impressed by the writing and impactful storyline. A shooting in Boise. I knew before reading this book, that the subject at hand would be a difficult one to read about. Nonetheless, it is one that I think should be read.

This is a 360° view of the aftermath of a mass shooting. The shooter (Jed) was a 28-year old man who shot five people and injured two (a man and a woman) when he opened fire at a bar in Boise. He took his own life too, at the scene. The story examines the tragic event and its aftermath, from several POVs. These include Jed’s mother (Joyce), the wife of the injured man (Annie), and Tessa (the bartender who survived).

Through the victims’ accounts interspersed within the story, we learn details about their lives and experiences at the moment of the shooting. In addition to their lives, we also get a view of their families and the public (in-person and social media). At the core of the story, is Joyce’s difficult situation as the mother of the shooter. Through her, we learn about her experience after the event, as well as about Jed’s life before the event.

So many lives were touched and changed by this tragic event. The questions, accusations, guilt, and pain in the aftermath are eloquently presented in this unforgettable story. I was impressed with how well the author was able to create an intimate story about something so real and tragic.

I highly recommend the audiobook. It is narrated by a group of narrators that truly helped make the story impactful by giving the characters their own voice.

Have you read this story yet?