On A Quiet Street book
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Secrets, lies, stalking, and more. The exclusive community of Brighton Hills is awfully quiet, considering all that’s going on inside the homes. If I were to narrow down this story to one word, it would be: intense.

To an outsider, Brighton Hills would seem like a ideal community, with friendly neighbors one could trust. Inside the beautiful homes, though, live people whose lives are far from idyllic. From the inside, Brighton Hills isn’t as quiet as it appears. Unfortunately, you’d have to live there to know.

This is a domestic thriller that started out slow, but by the halfway point really ramped up the speed and intensity. There are a lot of characters in the story, each have their own lies and secrets they’re hiding. So, the slower pace for the set up of the story, was definitely needed.

The story is centered around the lives of three women:

  • Paige: She’s grieving the death of her son, who was killed in a hit-and-run. She’s convinced the police didn’t do enough to find the killer, so she’s committed to doing it herself.
  • Cora: She’s married to a serial cheater. He’s gaslighted her each time she’s confronted him, but she’s now committed to finding out the truth once and for all.
  • Georgia: She’s a young mother no one really knows. She appears to be afraid to leave her home and meet her neighbors.

As the story unraveled, more and more of the lies and secrets were revealed. It wasn’t long before I was wondering what exactly it was that the women were dealing with, and who they should be able to trust. The story goes full circle, so after all the drama and suspense, there’s a finality to the story and the beginning will be explained.

This is my second book by Seraphina Nova Glass, and she’s once again impressed me with the intricate web of lies and issues she could weave within one story. I read Such A Good Wife last year, and was happy to see she had a new release this year. Similar to the previous book, the tension and suspense are definitely palpable throughout this story. I’m looking forward to reading more by this author.

If you enjoy seasonal reads, this book takes place in October, so it’d be perfect this month 🍂.

Have you enjoyed any other books by this author? I’d love to know!