My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams is an entertaining story of the friends-to-lovers and fake dating tropes. It has all the makings of a fun rom-com, with a focus on friendship and family.

My Overview

Bree Camden and Nathan Donelson have been friends since high school. They went their separate ways after high school, but fate has brought them back into each others’ lives. Bree is now a ballet instructor, and Nathan’s a quarterback in an NFL team. As is the case with all good friendships, they’ve picked up right where they left off and hang out together all the time. Unfortunately, they’re in love with each other but neither will admit it.

What I loved most about this story:

  • Dual POV narration by Bree and Nathan
  • Great banter between Bree and Nathan
  • Bree’s supportive sister
  • Nathan’s supportive friends

The game changer for Bree and Nathan is when they sign a contract for a Super Bowl ad, which requires them to pretend to be a couple for three weeks. Nathan figures this will finally be a good excuse for him to figure out if Bree is interested in a relationship. He has no clue how to go about that, but lucky for him his friends immediately help him put together a cheat sheet. They figure why not? If Nathan uses a cheat sheet during games, he might as well use one to win Bree’s heart.

This was a really fun story that made me laugh at times. Bree and Nathan were likable and witty. Their banter kept the story entertaining throughout. As light and fun as this story was, the author added depth by including mental health in the storyline. Nathan suffers from anxiety attacks, and Bree has dealt with PTSD in the past. This made Bree and Nathan more real, while bringing those aspects of mental health to light.

My Recommendation

This is my first book by this author, and I only wish I’d started reading her books sooner. I truly enjoyed her humor and writing style, and can’t wait to continue reading more of her books. If you’re looking for a fun story with great banter, give this one a try. I listened to the audiobook and enjoyed the narration, as read by Renee Dorian and Teddy Hamilton. I highly recommend the audiobook.

Are you enjoying books by Sarah Adams too? Which one’s your favorite?