365 Simple Devotional Readings

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Live in Grace, Walk in Love: A 365-Day Journey by Bob Goff is the daily devotional book I’m be reading and following this year. Last year, I listened to the Bible in a Year podcast on a daily basis (you can read about that here). My goal was to read the entire Bible, so following this daily podcast was a simple and motivational way to achieve that goal. This year, I’m using a devotional book to help me maintain the habit of reading Scripture on a daily basis. I’ve enjoyed other books by Goff, so I was happy to come across this one. I appreciate Goff’s approachable writing style, relatable insight, and humor.

Each daily reading is simple, concise, and easily read within a few minutes. They each consist of:

  • Scripture
  • Short story or message
  • Question for reflection

I’m looking forward to starting each day with a motivational and thought-provoking message, as I work my way through this book. Listening to the BIY podcast, helped me develop the habit of daily scripture. It’s a habit I don’t want to lose, so now I’m beginning each day with this devotional. The simplicity of the daily readings and food for thought in this book, are perfect for the busy phase of life I’m in. I’m looking forward to this year of growth, as I journey through this devotional.

If you’re interested in following this devotional too, it’s not too late to start. Since each reading is only a few minutes long, it’s easy to get caught up. The book is available on Kindle Unlimited, so it’s free if you have a subscription.

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