Love Lines (Book 1)

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My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Call Me Maybe by Cara Bastone is a quirky and entertaining rom-com with hilarious banter, and excellent audiobook narration.

My Overview

Vera’s Date-in-a Box website falls apart just days before she’s due to attend a business expo to pitch her business. In a panic, she calls the web hosting company even though she expects she’ll be talking to a customer service robot. To her surprise, a live person (Cal) answers the call and immediately begins trouble shooting. The good news, is that he’s knowledgeable and committed to fixing her website 😃. The bad news, is that it’s not a quick fix 😖. Committed as he is to solving the problem, he remains on the phone with Vera for hours. Soon enough, they’re talking about much more than the glitching website.

The longer they stay on the line, the more we learn about the characters and their situations. Vera is struggling to get her business up and running, while trying to prove to her family that she’s not the quitter they believe her to be. Cal, on the other hand, is dealing with his own issues … including ransom emails threatening his cat 😯. Eventually their phone call must end, but they exchange phone numbers and continue communicating. Think it’s impossible to meet the one on a customer service call? Think again.

This is such a fun story! Not only is the storyline clever and entertaining, but the banter between Vera and Cal is hilarious. The story is told from the POVs of Vera and Cal, and mostly through phone calls, texts, and voice mails. As a bonus, the audiobook is not just narrated, it’s performed. The dual narration and sound effects truly give the story dimension and bring it alive. Listening to the audiobook is like listening to a play or a movie.

My Recommendation

I highly recommend this story, if you’re looking for a fun rom-com. I listened to this audiobook back in 2021, and loved it. Since I wanted to listen to a funny rom-com I knew I’d enjoy during this month, I figured I’d listen to it again … and it was a winner this second time around 💕. This story would still be great on print, but I recommend the audiobook. The narrators truly give Vera and Cal perfect voices and make this one a delightful story.