My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

The No-Show by Beth O’Leary is a romance story with a clever twist. There’s more going on that meets the eye in this story.

My Overview

I was immediately intrigued by no-show Joseph Carter, and the three ladies he stood up on Valentine’s Day. Siobhan was stood at the breakfast date she’d been looking forward to. Miranda got stood up at the lunch date she’d been looking forward to. Joseph was supposed to attend an engagement party with Jane as her fake date; he was a no-show there too.

At the beginning of the story, I was curious enough about Joseph’s intentions and whereabouts. Towards the middle, the storyline started to wear on me and I was no longer looking forward to listening to the book. Once the twist was revealed, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and I got to see Joseph for who he was. By the end, I found this story to be a clever and heartwarming (though heartbreaking) story.

This book wasn’t what I expected at all, but I ended up really liking it. It’s a complex story with a great reminder about the way lives are affected every day by others’ actions. Overall, this is a romance story with a clever and authentic plot.

My Recommendation

The No-Show was such a roller coaster for me. I started out liking it, then I wasn’t sure where it was all going or whether I should keep reading, and by the end I loved the story. Good thing I didn’t give up on it. The audiobook, read by four different narrators, is nicely done and helps with keeping track of the characters. I recommend this book, especially the audiobook.

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