Goodreads Choice Awards – Nominee for Best Romance (2022)

Thank You for Listening by Julia Whelan - audiobook

Thank You for Listening by Julia Whelan is a story about new beginnings. It’s Sewanee Chester’s story and journey after a tragic accident. The accident that left her forever wearing an eye patch, and crushed her dreams of becoming an actress.

This is a multilayered story:

  • Years after her tragic accident, Sewanee is still struggling to adjust and accept that her dreams of becoming an actress are over. She’s now an audiobook narrator.
  • Sewanee’s grandmother is quickly deteriorating and needs better (and more expensive) assisted living care.
  • Sewanee has moved on from narrating romance novels. However, when she receives an offer to narrate a romance novel she can’t refuse, she accepts it.
  • Sewanee knows the offer to narrate the romance novel is the only way she could afford the more expensive assisted living care for her grandmother. What she doesn’t know, though, is that she’ll be narrating the book with Brock McNight … the most sought-after male voice of romance novels.

The story started out strong, but waned and became too preachy. Fortunately, the banter between Sewanee and Brock was entertaining throughout; especially via emails and texts. I also enjoyed the various well-developed characters, which added depth and balance to the storyline. Overall, the story was darker than I’d expected, yet still managed to be heartwarming and uplifting.

This book is part of My Winter 2023 Reading List. I’ve been a fan of Julia Whelan’s audiobook narrations for a long time, so I definitely wanted to listen to the audiobook. What’s better than listening to Julia Whelan narrate a book? Listening to Julia Whelan narrate a book she authored herself 🙂.

As an aside, I really enjoyed the glimpses into the worlds of acting and audiobook narrations. Julia Whelan has the background and experience to share behind-the-scenes information about them. I enjoyed learning about both.

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