Smells Like Tween Spirit

This is the fourth book in the Class Mom series, and I loved it as much as I’d expected! I just can’t get enough of Jen Dixon’s snarky remarks and hilarious emails. As in the previous books, there’s no shortage of awkward situations for Jen to get into.

In this book, Max (Jen’s son) is now attending Pioneer Middle School (PMS). Unfortunately for Jen, he’s decided to join the wrestling team. Fortunately for us, Jen ends up much more involved than she’d expected, so there are plenty of competitive events, volunteering, and team emails to keep up with. Add to all that: her husband, her two adult daughters, her toddler granddaughter, and her parents. Oh, and one overly-competitive mom who is definitely not there to make friends.

This is such a fun story, and I can’t wait for the next book in this series. My only warning to you is that there’s one sad instance in the story. I won’t offer anything more about it to avoid spoilers. Just thought I’d mention it, because I sure wasn’t expecting it so at least you’ll be prepared.

If you can, listen to the audiobook. Read by Laurie Gelman herself (same as the previous three books), there’s no better way to follow Jen’s story. Aside from the clever and witty writing, I think it’s Laurie Gelman’s delivery of the story that makes this a laugh-out-loud story!

Should you read this book as a stand-alone? I don’t think so. It’s best if you’ve read the previous three books in the series, or you’ll be missing a lot of the background.

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