Single All The Way by Portia MacIntosh
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

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This book is part of my 10 Christmas Books For This Holiday Season – 2022.

Single All The Way by Portia MacIntosh is an entertaining rom-com with witty characters, clever storylines, and humorous situations.

My Overview

When Dani was dumped by her boyfriend of two years, Tom, she was blindsided. She never guessed he’d be dumping her, and didn’t know he was cheating on her with someone a decade younger. Needless to say, not only was Dani clueless about their relationship, she also had no idea things were about to get awkward at her workplace … since her boyfriend was also her boss 😬.

Yes, life isn’t ideal for Dani at this moment, but the holidays are coming so she figures all she needs is to spend that time with her parents. Unfortunately for Dani, another unexpected surprise comes her way. When she arrives at her parents’ home, she finds out they’re away on vacation! What’s Dani supposed to do now that she has no one to spend Christmas with, and everyone in the small town seems to know everyone’s business? Fake it! That’s right, she decides to save face by pretending she won’t be alone, because she’s having a party on Christmas Eve 😯.

What follows is a funny story full of shenanigans only Dani can figure out how to handle. Once she tells one lie, the rest snowball out of control. Before she knows it, the entire town is invited to the party and she’s in way over her head. Thank goodness for her fake boyfriend Rex, the last person she’d ever expect to be able to count on. That’s right, not only is Dani juggling her lies with the people in town about the Christmas Eve party, she’s also juggling a fake boyfriend πŸ˜†.

My Recommendation

I loved this story! It was entertaining throughout, and laugh-out-loud funny at times. If you’ve enjoyed Love and Lies at the Village Christmas Shop, you’ll like that Holly and Ivy are a part of this story.

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