Mr. Wrong Number (Book 1)

Mr. Wrong Number
My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Mr. Wrong Number by Lynn Painter is a sassy enemies-to-lovers story of the forced proximity trope.

My Overview

Olivia Marshall and Collin Beck have never been friends. As Collin’s friend’s younger sister, and one who’s life seems to constantly be falling apart, she’s never been seen as their equal. When Olivia accidently sets fire to the apartment complex she lives in, on the same day she lost her job and got dumped … her only option is to move in with her brother and his roomate. Imagine her surprise when his roomate is none other than Collin Beck!

While things seems from bad to worse, the highlight of Olivia’s day is a text she received from an unknown number. What’s she to do when she receives a text from someone asking what she’s wearing? She replies with a sassy response , and it becomes the beginning of an ongoing texting relationship with Mr. Wrong Number. Finally, she’s found someone who can match her humor and banter!

As the story unfolds, we learn more about Olivia and Marshall via their texts … which quickly evolve into sexting. Soon enough, they both realize they’re are pretty good match for each other and start having feelings for each other. When Mr. Wrong Number (Collin) realizes Olivia is the woman he’s been texting with, he faces a dilemma. Should he come clean about his identity, or continue the texting relationship? What should he do when Olivia asks to meet Mr. Wrong Number in person?

My Recommendation

I really enjoyed this story. The banter and texting was entertaining throughout. My only quibble is that I didn’t necessarily like Olivia’s reactions throughout, but the overall storyline easily made up for it. If you’re looking for a light, funny, and entertaining rom-com … give this one a try. I recommend the audiobook.

This book is Book 1 of the Mr. Wrong Number series, and I now can’t wait for Book 2 (The Love Wager).

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