Let's Not Be Friends by Phoebe MacLeod
My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Let’s Not Be Friends by Phoebe MacLeod is an uplifting (and sometimes funny) story about new beginnings. It’s the story of Sophie’s journey after the end of her marriage.

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My Overview

Sophie left the city life for a country life when she married James. It’s not the life she’d been used to, but she’s adjusted because she loves being married. That all changed, the morning she found out her husband was cheating on her. She’d never suspected it, and was completely blindsided when she discovered her husband cheating in the stable. Her next surprise, came when her mother-in-law (Rosalind) told her she should just look the other way and accept it 🫢.

Sophie decides the only way forward is for she and James to attend counseling. They do, but during that period Sophie discovers her situation is worse than she’d realized. As it turns out, James has been doing a lot more than cheating on her. So, she accepts their marriage is definitely over and in a “let’s not be friends” move returns to the city. It’s time for her to start over, and fortunately she’s strong enough to face it.

Overall, this was a touching and entertaining story. It’s not quite the “laugh-out-loud romantic comedy” the blurb described it as, but I enjoyed the storyline. I did find some parts of the story funny, especially where James and Rosalind were involved, but it was usually over cringe-worthy moments. Also, even though this is considered a romance story, that aspect takes a second seat to the lies, infidelity, and infertility that broke the marriage apart. Part of Sophie’s new beginning involves a romantic interest, but the ending is so abrupt that the prospect of that relationship is left to the reader’s imagination. I’m fine with that, but think an epilogue would’ve wrapped up the story even better.

My Recommendation

Do I recommend this story? Yes. I read the Kindle edition and also listened to the audiobook at times. I recommend either. If you enjoy uplifting stories with a main character you can root for throughout, give this one a try.

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