Better Off Wed
My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Better Off Wed by Portia MacIntosh has everything I love in a romantic comedy. There’s plenty of drama, awkward situations, humor, and charming characters. It’s exactly the entertaining rom-com I’d anticipated!

My Overview

When Olivia’s boyfriend (Teddy) hurriedly proposed to her, little did she know that was only the beginning of the unexpected wedding-related surprises coming her way. Before she knew it, she and Teddy were signed up to get married at the venue of her dreams … in a month! Unfortunately, they’d have to share the date and venue with her brother (Dougie) and his fiancée (Eden). Is it possible to plan a dual wedding in such a short period? A wedding for four individuals with different likes and priorities? Teddy wouldn’t know, because he quickly made himself scarce and left Olivia to plan the wedding with Dougie and Eden .

The closer the wedding date got, the more surprises and mishaps Olivia faced. Fortunately, she had a great support system: her parents, her best friend, and her new friend (Hugo). Each of them guided Olivia during this chaotic and overwhelming period in which she questioned not only how the wedding plans would fall into place, but whether she and Teddy should wed. As the wedding planning moved forward, she wondered where her life should go. Would she be better off wed?

This was such a roller coaster summer for Olivia … and I loved it all! I was immediately drawn to this story from the beginning, and found it engaging and entertaining throughout. What I enjoyed most were the supporting characters and the insight and humor they contributed to the story. Add to that a great message about being true to yourself, and the beautiful Cornish Coast setting … and it’s basically the perfect rom-com.

My Recommendation

Do you enjoy the friends-to-lovers and fake-dating tropes in rom-coms? You’ll enjoy Better Off Wed. It’s light, funny, and uplifting. I highly recommend the audiobook. It’s read by Karen Cass, who as usual did a fantastic job of bringing Portia MacIntosh’s characters to life.

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