My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

A Novel Proposal by Denise Hunter is a sweet romance story full of mystery and bookish charm. As the story unfolds, the search for the owner of a very special book adds mystery, and the potential for a romantic relationship grows.

My Overview

Sadie Goodwin is a writer of western novels; a genre she enjoys and understands well. When she’s forced to write a romance novel due to low demand of western novels, she’s in trouble. Not only is she out of her depth in the romance genre, she’s also unqualified since she’s never been in love. She can’t repay the advanced payment she’d received for the latest book she was writing, so a romance book she’ll have to write.

Fortunately, a friend lets her stay at her duplex on the South Carolina shore for the summer, to give her a peaceful place to write. Upon arrival, Sadie realizes the duplex is better than she’d imagined, but her next-door neighbor is a handsome yet grumpy man. Nonetheless, she’s determined to write a romance novel and enjoy the beautiful setting. Soon enough, she’s even inspired to install a Little Free Library on the property! When a book with special item that points to a proposal appears at her LFL, Sadie becomes committed to tracking down its owner. Surprisingly, she’s able to convince her next-door neighbor to help her. Together, they follow the clues to track down the owner of the special book she found at her LFL.

I enjoyed the various bookish aspects of the story:

  • Sadie is a novelist, and is writing a romance novel throughout the story.
  • The LFL she installed at the property gave her the opportunity to talk books with others and offer recommendations.
  • The special book that points to a proposal added mystery to the storyline.

Overall, this is a sweet and heartwarming story. I enjoyed the storyline and the mystery of the special book that points to a proposal. One thing I could’ve done without were the “Romance 101” chapter titles. Those long chapter titles made the story feel choppy and formulaic. The result was that I felt like I was reading a how-to write book, rather than a romance novel. That kept me from feeling invested in the characters and rooting for them.

My Recommendation

This is a light and cute story with a nice beach setting. It’d be a good one to enjoy this summer at the beach or by the pool. It’s not a page-turner, but it’s entertaining and enjoyable.

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