A short story by Sally Hepworth? Sign me up! I’ve enjoyed a lot of her books, so I was happy when I came across this one. Based on her previous books, I’ve learned I can always count on high drama, twists, suspense, and complicated situations.

As it turns out, all of that was missing in this story story 😏.

The premise for the story was appealing, but the delivery didn’t work for me. Although I was intrigued at the beginning, my interested fizzled as the story progressed. I didn’t like that the story kept hinting at what would happen next, which took away the drama and suspense. Since the drama was low and the ending wasn’t as eventful as I’d expected, this story turned out to be ok but not as good as I’d expected.

This book is available on Kindle Unlimited and includes Whispersync by Audible.