Dream Harbor (Book 1)

The Pumpkin Spice Café by Laurie Gilmore
My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

The Pumpkin Spice Café by Laurie Gilmore is a sweet romance story set in an idyllic small-town community with a cozy vibe.

My Overview

When Jeanie’s aunt decided to gift her the Pumpkin Spice Café, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Tired of endlessly working her dull job in the city, she’s ready for a change. Moving to Dream Harbor, the idyllic small town she used to visit when younger, is a welcome change. The only difference now, is that Jeanie’s not going to visit her aunt in Dream Harbor for a short visit. Her aunt has decided to retire and travel, so Jeanie have to rely on herself to run the café. She knows nothing about being a business owner, but what she lacks in experience she makes up for in enthusiasm. Lucky for her, a local farmer named Logan, offers to help her get settled in.

The more Jeanie works on getting settled with running the café, the more obstacles she encounters. Fortunately, this dreamy town is also home to kind and friendly people willing to help her along the way. The longer she’s there, the more she falls in love with Dream Harbor … and Logan. Unfortunately, they each have some issues to overcome, and they’re weary of starting a relationship. Don’t be fooled by the cover, though. This is a slow-burn romance story that suddenly cranks up the spice!

Overall, this is a sweet and simple love story. I especially enjoyed the endearing characters and the cozy fall setting. The story is perfect for fans of the Gilmore Girls show: grumpy vs. sunshine trope, found family, and idyllic setting.

My Recommendation

If you enjoy fall-themed romance stories set in cozy small towns, give this one a try. My favorite part of the story was the setting, since it’s reminiscent of Stars Hollow. Although I’m not inclined to move on to the next book in the series, I’m glad I got to read this story during fall 🍂.

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