The Mother Next Door book
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Take a visit to Ivy Woods Drive, where the Halloween block parties require a guest list, secrets abound, and the Ivy Five are in charge. Actually, the Ivy Five are more like the Ivy Four, since one of them has disappeared. Either way, all you need to know is that Kendra is the queen bee of the group, so what she says goes.

This story was so much more than I expected! It’s creepy, mysterious, suspenseful, and tense. The pace is quick, and perfect for this domestic thriller. This is the kind of story that’s easy to get wrapped into, because there’s a lot of mystery around the events and characters. The questions quickly pile up in this story, so it makes it unputdownable.

▪️Who is counting down to Halloween with anonymous threatening notes?
▪️Why did a member of the Ivy Five disappear?
▪️Who is the Ghost Girl urban legend about?
▪️What is the mother next door hiding?

Those were the questions I wanted answers too. Fortunately, by the end of the story I had those answers. Meet the Ivy Five and you’ll find out those answers too. Just be sure to keep up with the lies, secrets, and backstabbing that come with this tight-knit community.

If you’re looking for a Fall/Halloween story that’s a bit creepy and highly entertaining, this is it! This suspenseful and atmospheric story takes place in the fall and a lot of it revolves around their upcoming Halloween block party. It’s the perfect read for this time of year 🎃🍂.