Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Do ghosts exist? If you ask Florence Day, she’ll tell you they absolutely do. After all, she can see them and interact with them!

What attracted me to this story was the editor ghost aspect. Also, the tight situation Florence, a writer, was in. Add to that her eccentric family who owns a funeral home, and it seemed to me like a perfect story for Halloween month 👻.

So what did I think about this story overall? I liked the story fine, but not as much as I’d expected.

The story started out strong:

  • Florence was dumped by her boyfriend, and now believes romance is dead.
  • She’s a ghostwriter for a well-known author, and has a writing deadline she can’t meet.
  • Her new editor refuses to allow her an extension.
  • As if life wasn’t tough enough at that point, she receives a call letting her know her father has passed away.

Florence rushes home, and arrives at Days Gone (their family-owned funeral home) as her family is gathered for the reading of the will. From there, the story continues through Florence’s readjustment back in her hometown (after ten years away), the grieving of the family for their patriarch, the funeral preparations for her father, overcoming her ex-boyfriend, and of course her encounter and interactions with the last ghost she expected to see … her new editor!

Does it seem like a lot? It is.

Unfortunately, while it’s a big plus that this story offers something for everyone because there’s so much going on, it’s also a weakness. It’s just simply too much. There were too many storylines and issues needing to be explored and resolved. Towards the end, the story felt drawn out, and Florence stopped being the quirky and funny character from the beginning of the story.

Having said that, you should still give this story a try if you’re looking for a romance story with a different spin, especially during Halloween time.

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