Same Time Next Year by Annabel Monaghan
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Same Time Next Year by Annabel Monaghan is a heartwarming second chance romance story, told in dual timelines and points of view.

My Overview

Sam and Wyatt grew up together in Long Island, NY. They were next door neighbors, friends, and each others’ first love. When Wyatt broke Sam’s heart at seventeen, they each went their separate ways. He went on to chase his music dreams, and she went away to college. They haven’t seen each other for fourteen years.

Now, Sam is engaged to Jack. They live busy and structured lives in Manhattan, and are planning their upcoming wedding. When Sam goes back to Long Island to tour a wedding venue, she’s surprised to find that Wyatt has moved back to his childhood home. Hearing him play the guitar and seeing him on a regular basis, brings back old memories and feelings. The longer she stays with her family in Long Island, the more Sam misses the person she used to be; her outlook on life begins to change. Soon, Sam realizes she’s not being true to herself and is unclear what she wants in her future. Does she want a life in the city or a life in Long Island? Does she really want a life with Jack? Where does she want to be same time next summer?

Overall, I enjoyed this heartwarming love story. It’s told in dual timelines (THEN and NOW) and points of view (Sam and Wyatt). For me, that was the best part of the story because I really got to know the characters and their backgrounds. By the end, I liked Wyatt more than Sam. Why? I thought he handled their reconnection much better than Sam did.

My Recommendation

This is my second book by Annabel Monaghan, and I really enjoyed it. The storyline was predictable at times, but I welcome that in light summer reads. After reading Nora Goes Off Script last year, I wanted to read more by this author. I actually enjoyed this book even more than the last one, and recommend it. I also recommend the audiobook, which has dual narrators who did a great job of bringing the story to life.

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