It's a Date (Again) by Jeneva Rose
My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

It’s a Date (Again) by Jeneva Rose is a romance story about a woman with amnesia. She’s trying to fit into the life she can’t recognize, while wondering if that’s the life she’s meant to live.

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My Overview

Peyton Sanders is a serial dater, who’s afraid of commitment. When one of the men she’s dating tells her he loves her, she panics and runs away. Realizing she’s made a mistake, she rushes back to confess her love. Sadly, while on her way to find him, she gets hit by a car. When she returns to consciousness, she finds herself in a hospital room with amnesia. She can’t remember what happened to her, and doesn’t recognize the two people sitting at her bedside; her best friends Maya and Robbie. Soon after, three handsome men show up at her room, and she doesn’t recognize them either. As it turns out, they’re the three men she’d been dating.

In an effort to regain her memories, Peyton continues to date the three men she’d been dating. As she gets to know them, she tries to learn about herself. Her biggest breakthroughs, though, come from her interactions with Maya, Robbie, and Debbie (landlord/friend). It’s through these caring and supportive friends, that Peyton finds her identity and the courage to want to pursue love and commitment.

Overall, this is an uplifting romance story. However, it’s not the hilarious romantic comedy the synopsis promises. What I expect in a romantic comedy is humor, funny/embarrassing situations, and fun banter. This story lacks that. Considering Peyton was dating three men at the same time, I thought there could’ve been lots of opportunities for fun banter and humorous situations. That premise, after all, is what drew me to this book.

My Recommendation

I enjoyed this story, just not as much as I’d expected. Wondering if you should read it? I think it’s worth a try. With this one, it’s best to go in blind; ignore the synopsis. The audiobook narration is great, so I recommend it.

This is my second book by this author. I read One of Us is Dead last year, and highly recommend it.

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