The Getaway List by Emma Lord
My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

The Getaway List by Emma Lord is an uplifting friends-to-lovers story set in New York. It’s a story about love, family, and friendships.

This book is part of My Winter 2024 Reading List.

My Overview

On the day of her high school graduation, Riley decides she’s done being who her mother has wanted her to be. She’s ready to find herself, so she takes off to New York to stay with her childhood best friend. Riley and Tom haven’t seen each other for years since he moved away years before. Regardless, she sets off to stay within him, hoping they could do all the things on The Getaway List they created before he left. Fortunately, the two pick up right where they’d left off, and Tom introduces Riley to his small circle of friends.

As Riley and Tom become reacquainted with each other, she also gets to know his friends and becomes part of the group. They’re all young people trying to find their way post high school, so they immediately bond and take to completing the items on The Getaway List together. Soon, the summer in NYC that starts out with questions and uncertainty, evolves into a significant time of clarity and growth for everyone. Also, as summer progresses Riley and Tom must figure out how to handle the feelings they have for each other. Can they start a new relationship as they’re trying to follow their own dreams?

Overall, I enjoyed this feel-good story about love, family, and friendships. Between the NYC setting and the Taylor Swift references, this story was delightful. As a mom, I appreciated the way the mother-child relationships were wrapped up at the end.

My Recommendation

I’ve enjoyed other books by this author, and this one’s no exception. The writing style and family dynamics woven throughout are always a big plus for me. If you’re looking for an uplifting story that will transport you to NYC, give this one a try. I listened to the audiobook and read the Kindle edition at times. I recommend either.

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