Unexpected Finds For A Simplified Life

At the end of 2022, my focus wasn’t to find new ways to simplify my life, but rather to continue with the habits that have been working for me. In fact, I summarized those habits here. Interestingly enough, a few days into 2023, I stumbled into some faith-based media I wasn’t looking for but welcomed.

A Book and A Podcast

Early into this new year, I happened to come across a book about time management, and a podcast about the Bible. I’d never heard of either, but I was interested in them as soon as I came across them. I’ve been working through each one so far this month, and am looking forward to continuing throughout this year.

I wanted to share about these, in case someone else might find them helpful too.

The Intentional Year

The Intentional Year: Simple Rhythms for Finding Freedom, Peace, and Purpose by Holly and Glenn Packiam

While browsing for recently released audiobooks on Audible I came across this book. I’d never heard of these authors, so what caught my attention were the title and cover. Based on the synopsis, I figured I should give this book a try.

So far, I’ve listened to the audiobook and enjoyed it. It’s a worthwhile overview for the framework and reflection for time management. For me, though, the kindle edition will be more helpful because I’d like to focus on certain areas and reference back to it throughout the year. I already got the kindle edition, and look forward to using it this year.

The Bible in a Year (Podcast)

I’ve been interested in reading the Bible in one year, but hadn’t yet found time to make it happen. It’s just hard for me to keep up with daily reading time. In this stage of life, it’s easier for me to listen to audiobooks because I rarely find time to sit down to read, on a regular basis.

While browsing for books on Audible earlier this month, I came across The Bible in a Year podcast. I immediately knew this would be the perfect way for me to finally read through the Bible. Since I came across this podcast about a week or so into the new year, I was already behind with the readings. I quickly got caught up with the daily episodes, and have been enjoying the podcast every day. Each episode is approximately 20 minutes.

Were you already familiar with this book or the podcast?