Wild (Book 2)

Wild at Heart by K.A. Tucker
My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Wild at Heart by K. A. Tucker is a heartwarming romance story set in a small rural town in Alaska. This is Book 2 in the Wild series.

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This book is part of My Winter 2024 Reading List.

My Overview

At the end of Book 1, Calla left Jonah in Alaska to return to her life in Toronto. Jonah surprises her by showing up at her doorstep in Toronto. After spending a few days together, Jonah returns back to Alaska, and Calla decides to move there. She’s convinced it’s the right decision, and is ready to leave her life in Toronto behind, to live in Alaska with Jonah. Having spent the summer in Alaska, she feels she knows what she’s getting into and is willing to adjust to her new setting.

As much as Calla and Jonah are in love, they’re unprepared for the changes life together entails. Soon enough, they’re living in a fixer-upper log cabin in rural Alaska, surrounded by wildlife. Jonah, a pilot, is gone on jobs more than Calla would like, and she’s left to figure out her place in an unfamiliar setting. Additionally, Calla misses her parents and friends, and realizes it’s not as easy for them to visit as she’d expected. It’s no surprise that Calla starts questioning her move to Alaska, and whether she’s the right partner for Jonah, who will forever be wild at heart.

Overall, this is a story about love, friendship, and new beginnings. I enjoyed getting to know Calla’s neighbors and their backstories. My favorite part was learning about the way people adjust to the harsh conditions of rural Alaska.

My Recommendation

I enjoyed the storyline, and am glad I listened to the audiobook. The narration by Rebekkah Ross was great. This is Book 2 in the Wild series, but it reads fine as a standalone. Plenty of background information is included, to help the reader get caught up with the story. I’m looking forward to continuing with this series.

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